Exhibitions - White Teeth in the Planetarium

  • ‘White Teeth in the Planetarium’, an essay by Ruth Barker

  • News, April 2013

“Science fiction writers have posited parallel worlds closely similar to the world we know, but in which our counterpart selves pursue lives very different from our own. The story […] left me with an uncanny sense of such a world.”[1]

At the beginning of The Separateness of Things,…

  • In conversation with Jack Welsh, Corridor8

  • News, April 2013

Jack Welsh talks to Glasgow based sculptor James McLardy about his current solo exhibition White Teeth in the Planetarium at The Royal Standard, Liverpool.
Jack Welsh: What inspired the title of your exhibition at The Royal Standard?
James McLardy: The title, White Teeth at the Planetarium, comes…

  • White Teeth in the Planetarium

  • News, April 2013

Private view – 12th April 6-9pm
Drawing influence from either side of the Modernist movement, ‘White Teeth in the Planetarium’ presents a series of dystopian sculptures made from pigmented wax, fiberglass, clear acrylic, paint and plastic laminate. Monumental forms and fragmented arrangements are dressed up in fake-façades,…

  • White Teeth in the Planetarium reviewed in the Skinny

  • News, April 2013

4/5 stars

James McLardy: White Teeth in the Planetarium @ The Royal Standard, Liverpool

Link to the review in the Skinny

The Royal Standard, Liverpool, specialises in bringing to the city contemporary artists who might be described as ‘emerging’. Currently, this means exhibiting White Teeth in the Planetarium, a new…