• The Happy remains – New studio work

  • News, July 2010

Following on from a research trip to Palestine in May I’ve been making experiments in the studio. A series of drawings exploring an imagined landscape of stylised geometric forms and a sculpture called ‘Yodel Totem’ built using new experiments with ceramics, rubber, MDF and polished paint has developed…. getting excited about…

  • Raising sky horses

  • News, June 2010

I’m completing the first stage of my role as lead artist for a public art programme at Midlothian Community Hospital – a new NHS psychiatric care hospital near Dalkeith. The resultant sculptures have been realised in conjunction with local craftpersons Malcolm Lemmon, James Fleming and members of the local community. …

  • Research trip, Palestine

  • News, May 2010

Invited by artists Helen de Main and Maj Hasager to develop a project for ‘Between Here & Somewhere Else’ an exhibition at Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art, I made a trip out to visit them in Bethlehem and Ramallah.  Visual research made during this visit will feed into residencies at…

  • A conversation between James McLardy and Elizabeth Ballard, Wednesday 30 September.

  • News, September 2009

A conversation between James McLardy and Elizabeth Ballard, Wednesday 30 September.
Elizabeth Ballard: On your first site visit to OUTPOST, you seemed very taken with the architecture and design of the city. How has this influenced your show Common Soul?
James McLardy: What appealed to me…

  • ‘Part Lost Objects’ by Sarah Tripp

  • News, December 2008

The Exhibition
I left the exhibition and closed the gallery door behind me. After descending several flights of stairs I stopped. The rhythm of stepping superseded my thoughts and into this non-thought shot a reverie. These are the words I wrote on the photocopied gallery floor plan.
Am I…

  • Ruchill Park

  • News, March 2008

Special thanks to contributing artists, musicians and makers:
Malcolm Lemmon, Scott Twynholm, Jenny O’Boyle and Becky Sik
Images of sculpture
Consultants: RMJM Art Commissioning

  • Handle to the Ground

  • News, May 2007

‘Handle to the ground’, is a permanent outdoor installation developed after a ten-week residency in New Victoria Gardens, Glasgow.
What interested me most about a residency within the context of these allotments was the transient sense of land ownership – if nobody and everybody owns the land then how to engage…

  • ‘News From Nowehere’ Artist in Residence, New Victoria Gardens

  • News, June 2006

During the annual Flower Show at New Victoria Gardens, artist James Mclardy will be present to discuss his project “News from Nowhere”.
He has installed a makeshift bodger’s workshop in the Gardens and intends to use this to experiment with possible uses of traditional woodcraft in the production of his sculpture.

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