• Posted on: August 12th, 2014
  • By James McLardy


Curated by Quinn Latimer

05 July – 06 September 2014

Rachel Adams / Jennifer Bailey / Sarah Forrest / Jenny Lewis / Tessa Lynch / Lorna Macintyre / Niall MacDonald / Natalie McGowan / James McLardy / Lauren Printy Currie / Clara Ursitti / Zoe Williams

Your hothouse flower your florid your lurid your leaf your car finish your finish fetish. You finish I am never finished. Your monolithic remains unpublished or publish this I ask that or this to be no not finished something—what—something unflesh. Something cast in your fervent no fervid emotional furnace. How dry it is in there. So deco. Palm purring, now clicking. What a vibe. Humid out here, you know. Wet finish.

Wet finish.

“Mood is Made / Temperature is Taken” brings together a constellation of artworks by twelve artists that operate in this ambiguous, laconic place of mood, temperature, tone. That is, the world, only with its atmosphere heightened, drawn out, lucid, languorous.

A bit humid. Somewhat cinematic. Lacquered. Austere sometimes, florid others. Like that. The artworks effect us, they play with affect, and yet we—spectral spectators, some audience—are not sure why. But we’re affected, for sure. Just as indistinct are the comingling methods and modalities of craft and appropriation that these artists employ.

What do mood and temperature have in common? They are everywhere and yet we cannot touch them. We can qualify and describe them but we cannot see them. They fill every room and yet we cannot more than name them. Like a kind of ether, they are: we know them, they challenge and change us, they sweat us, they connect us, they are in the air that we move through together. They vibe us. They make us aware of ourselves and of others. We “vibe.” They discriminate, they participate. Divide, collect. Yet mood and temperature remain allusively elusive, even when they are a part of ourselves, or the parts of ourselves we offer. So. What next? Here, we made this: take it.

Quinn Latimer is an American writer and curator based in Basel, Switzerland. She is the author of Rumored Animals (2012) and Sarah Lucas: Describe This Distance (2013). Her writing also appears in Artforum, Frieze, The Paris Review, and many artist monographs and critical anthologies. Recent curatorial projects include “Emmy Moore’s Journal: An Exhibition Based on a Letter in a Short Story by Jane Bowles,” an exhibition she organized at SALTS, Basel, in 2013.

Programmed as part of GENERATION’: 25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland. http://generationartscotland.org/

This exhibition is generously supported by Creative Scotland’s Quality Production Fund, The Hope Scott Trust, Cove Park and anCnoc Whisky.

Artist James McLardy introduce’s Glasgow Sculpture Studio’s group show, Mood is Made/Temperature is Taken