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Curated by Quinn Latimer
05 July – 06 September 2014
Rachel Adams / Jennifer Bailey / Sarah Forrest / Jenny Lewis / Tessa Lynch / Lorna Macintyre / Niall MacDonald / Natalie McGowan / James McLardy / Lauren Printy Currie / Clara Ursitti /…

  • Reclaimed – The Second Life of Sculpture

  • News, March 2014
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The Second life of Bought Air – shown alongside Reclaimed work by: Lotte Glob, Walker and Bromwich, Klaus Weber, Matthew Derbyshire, Jess Flood Paddock, Andy Holden, Alex Allan, Ewan Robertson and Gordon Munro, Jonathan Owen, Bobby Niven, George Wyllie, Iain Kettles, Alex Frost,…

  • WE at Latitude 53 Contemporary, Edmonton

  • News, January 2014
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Title: What grows on our heads is dictated by what goes on outside, and what goes on outside is subject to our control
Materials: Gold leaf, paint, pigments, baize and wood
Dimensions: 0.40 x 0.40 x 0.95 m

WE includes work by: Laura Aldridge, Jonathan Owen, James McLardy, Rachel Duckhouse, Ciara Phillips and…

  • Kypseli, ReMap 4, Athens

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8 – 30 September
as part of ReMap 4, Athens

KYPSELI is an independent publication initiated by a company of creators who live in or care for the neighborhood of Kypseli in Athens. The publication follows in the DIY tradition of fanzines, it is printed black and white on…


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Commissioned for the show SUMMER FETE ‘New-invented Champions’ combines a gala-kitsch with an aged abstract monumental aesthetic. As a series six of trophy-esque works ranging from 25-65cm in height, these objects stand together as a miniature sculptural installation. Vertical assemblages of graffiti-scratched faux bronze on glossy African…

  • WE at the Haight Gallery, Calgary

  • News, July 2013
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‘WE’ is a two-part geographical based show experienced in two cites, Calgary, Canada and Glasgow, U.K. Curated by Yvonne Mullock and Matthew Bourree
Exhibiting artists:
Laura Aldridge • Ciara Phillips • Jonathan Owen • Daisy Richardson • James McLardy • Rachel Duckhouse
Preview: Saturday 27th July 7-11pm
Open 28th July – August…

  • IOP x Cocktail

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IOP x Cocktail
(Online Club Night)
8pm – 1am (GMT)
On June 28 for one night only, IOP will be hosting an ‘Online club night’, the first of its kind on From 8pm to 1am, images, GIF, videos and texts will be dancing on your screen, changing every few minutes, following the music. Be prepared…

  • ‘White Teeth in the Planetarium’, an essay by Ruth Barker

  • News, April 2013
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“Science fiction writers have posited parallel worlds closely similar to the world we know, but in which our counterpart selves pursue lives very different from our own. The story […] left me with an uncanny sense of such a world.”[1]

At the beginning of The Separateness of Things,…

  • In conversation with Jack Welsh, Corridor8

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Jack Welsh talks to Glasgow based sculptor James McLardy about his current solo exhibition White Teeth in the Planetarium at The Royal Standard, Liverpool.
Jack Welsh: What inspired the title of your exhibition at The Royal Standard?
James McLardy: The title, White Teeth at the Planetarium, comes…

  • White Teeth in the Planetarium

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Private view – 12th April 6-9pm
Drawing influence from either side of the Modernist movement, ‘White Teeth in the Planetarium’ presents a series of dystopian sculptures made from pigmented wax, fiberglass, clear acrylic, paint and plastic laminate. Monumental forms and fragmented arrangements are dressed up in fake-façades,…

  • White Teeth in the Planetarium reviewed in the Skinny

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4/5 stars

James McLardy: White Teeth in the Planetarium @ The Royal Standard, Liverpool

Link to the review in the Skinny

The Royal Standard, Liverpool, specialises in bringing to the city contemporary artists who might be described as ‘emerging’. Currently, this means exhibiting White Teeth in the Planetarium, a new…

  • High Cross House

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High Cross House in Dartington, managed by the National Trust is one of the UK’s most important modernist sites for contemporary buildings. Designed by …


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Works shown:
W, M and V are now closer. A Product of Circumstance. Surface Anatomy (E621), Wax, mineral oil, pigments
Upright is Now, Ebony veneer, plastic laminate and wax
Photography: Peter White

Private view: Thursday, 10th January 2013 / 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Exhibition continues until 26th January 2013
Thursday – Saturday 1-5…

  • ‘Seven holes’, ‘Gravity. It’s the law’

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From ‘Last Chance’ exhibition text, SWG3
LAST CHANCE presented eight artists with the opportunity to show a work for the first time, a piece that has been sitting in the studio or in the artist’s mind for a while.
It’s our Playground ‘Can you…

  • Last Chance

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SWG3 Gallery is glad to invite you to:
Rachel Adams, Tom Godfrey, James Hutchinson, Lorna Macintyre,
James McLardy, Michael Stumpf, Hayley Tompkins, Sue Tompkins.
08.12.2012 – 19.01.2013 | weds-sat 12-6pm
Christmas break 22.12.2012 – 09.01.2013
at SWG3 Gallery, Glasgow
Friday 07.12.2012 – 7-9pm
After Party: 9pm-2am
LAST CHANCE will be the opportunity to show a…

  • Pavilion

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  • Duchy show 5/5 star review by Andrew Cattanach

  • News, September 2012
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James McLardy at the Duchy
5/5 stars

Review by Andrew Cattanach.
Published 10 September 2012

James McLardy’s sculptures at The Duchy Gallery in Glasgow are familiar in shape, if not in scale. They resemble pieces of architecture or monuments. One could easily be taken for the corner…

  • ‘The Swan and Hostage’ review by Talitha Kotzé

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Enjoyable exhibition questioning the inherent value and fakeness of sculpted pieces
4/5 Stars

Source: The List
Date: 3 August 2012
Written by: Talitha Kotzé

James McLardy’s solo show ‘The Swan and Hostage’ is the result of his six-week residency at the Duchy gallery in the east end of Glasgow. The title echoes the pub-like…

  • The Duchy, Exhibition Press Release

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James McLardy | The Swan and Hostage
28 July – 25 August 2012
The Duchy is pleased to present The Swan and Hostage, a solo show of new work by Glasgow artist James McLardy.
McLardy’s work explores hierarchy within the use of colour, material and effect, collaging the fake and the real…

  • The Duchy, residency

  • News, July 2012
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Over the last few weeks I’ve been in residence at The Duchy developing new work for a solo exhibition in the gallery, ‘The Swan and Hostage’.
I’ve been working with key materials and techniques including brightly cast wax and copper leaf together with carved and painted MDF surfaces. Through continuously questioning…

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