Characterised by large monumental sculptures crafted to a high finish, the work aims to destabilise the elevated aesthetic of its own making through a conscious manipulation of form and finish.

The malleable, erratic qualities of wax give it an impermanent and un-monumental quality. With contrast a constant in the work, I employ wax in both soft and solid forms: soft and fleshy set against hard-edge geometry and hard glossy moulded shapes, forming plinths and monumental blocks; the impermanent and changing quality of the material at odds with its prominent inclusion in the base or support of the sculptures.

In a similar way I play with historical and traditional references in the use of materials such as marble, wood and bronze. In applying copper leaf to imitate bronze and its oxidization I am able to reproduce patinas on the surface of sculpted MDF and wax objects. This ‘negative’ patina creates numerous oxymora; genuine patinas, the result of time-aged chemical reaction on the surface of the alloy, protect and mask an object’s value, whereas these sculptures or ‘copies’ seek to simulate or assign grandeur through materialist illusion.


In conversation, essay and review:

James McLardy introduce’s his work in group show Mood is Made/Temperature is Taken

Jack Welsh talks to James McLardy about ‘White Teeth in the Planetarium’, in Corridoor8

An essay by Ruth Barker on ‘White Teeth in the Planetarium’ at the Royal Standard

Talitha Kotzé, ‘The Swan and Hostage’ in the List, Issue 701

Andrew Cattanach, ‘The Swan and Hostage’  in the Skinny, Issue 84

The Duchy, Exhibition Press Release

A conversation between James McLardy and Elizabeth Ballard at Outpost, Norwich

Sarah Tripp on ‘Part Lost Objects’, Project Room


Recent exhibitions include ‘Mood Is Made / Temperature Is Taken’ Curated by Quinn Latimer, Glasgow Sculpture Studios gallery, as part of GENERATION; Reclaimed – the Second life of Sculpture, Glasgow International, WE, Latitude 53 Contemporary, Edmonton, ‘White Teeth in the Planetarium’, (solo)  Royal Standard, Liverpool;  ‘Legacy: Five Schemes, First Variation’ in High Cross House, Devon, ‘Magnum Opus’ at N/V_Projects, London, ‘WE’ at Haight Gallery, Calgary, ‘Last Chance’ at SWG3 Glasgow, Kypseli, ReMap 4, Athens and ‘Summer Fete’, at Ceri Hand gallery, London.

In 2012  ‘The Swan and Hostage’ (solo) at The Duchy as the result of a summer residency in the gallery. Group shows that year included ‘Petrosphere’ at Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, ‘Athens Pride’, the Breeder Gallery, ‘Pavilion’, David Dale gallery, ‘Cave’, 7th Liverpool Biennale and ‘Art Lending Library’ (also at Glasgow International Festival).

In 2011  ‘You, Me, Something Else‘, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, ‘Industrial Aesthetics’, Hunter Times Square Gallery, New York and ‘Petrosphere’, REMAP 3, Athens.

In 2010 he was the recipient of an Esmée Fairburn creative development residency at Cove Park and a production and development Residency at The Danish National Art Workshops, Copenhagen.

Previous exhibitions include ‘Common Soul’ (solo), Outpost gallery, Norwich 2009, ‘The Façade Within’, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh 2009 and ‘Between Here & Somewhere Else‘ at Overgaden, Institute of contemporary Art, Copenhagen 2010.




James McLardy

  • Lives and Works in Glasgow


  • BA (Hons) Fine Art, Sculpture, Glasgow School of Art
  • Architecture, Mackintosh School of Architecture

Solo Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions (Selected)

  • 2014
    • Mood Is Made / Temperature Is Taken, Curated by Quinn Latimer, Glasgow Sculpture Studios, as part of GENERATION
    • Reclaimed – The Second Life of Sculpture, Glasgow International
    • Openaries II, (offerings), Glasgow International
    • WE, Latitude 53 Contemporary, Edmonton
    • Art Lending Library, Durham
  • 2013
    • Kypseli, ReMap 4, Athens
    • WE, Haight Gallery, Calgary
    • Legacy: Five Schemes, First Variation, by KARST, High Cross House, Dartington
    • Magnum Opus, by N/V Projects, the Dye House, London
    • Summer Fete, Ceri Hand Gallery
    • Last Chance, SWG3, by ‘It’s our playground’, Glasgow
  • 2012
    • CAVEartfair, launched at the Liverpool Biennial
    • Pavilion, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow
    • Petrosphere, Glasgow International Festival
    • Art Lending Library, Mitchell Library, Glasgow (project by Market gallery)
    • Artists for Athens Pride (curated by Andrea Gilbert), The Breeder, Athens
  • 2011 –
    • Industrial Aesthetics, Hunter Times Square Gallery, New York
    • You, Me, Something Else, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow
    • Petrosphere, REMAP 3, Athens
  • 2010 –
    • Between here… Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen
    • New Life, 1005 Argyle Street, Glasgow
    • Must I Paint You a Picture? Transmission Members Show, Glasgow
  • 2009 –
    • The Façade Within, The Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh
    • Die Die Die, Transmission Members Show, Glasgow
  • 2007 –
    • Secure in Flames, Intermedia Gallery, Glasgow
    • ES, Catalyst Arts, Belfast

Awards/Commissions/Residencies (Selected)

  • 2014 – Glasgow Visual Artists Award
  • 2013 – Hope Scott Trust Award
  • 2012 –
    • The Duchy Gallery, artist in residence, Glasgow
    • Quality Production, Creative Scotland (in support of Petrosphere GI)
    • Talent, Creative Scotland award
  • 2011 –
    • Atelier Public, Glasgow gallery of Modern Art
    • International Investment, Creative Scotland (in support of Petrosphere ReMap)
  • 2010 –
    • Cove Park, Summer residency, supported by Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
    • Danish Art Workshops (SVK), Artist in Residence, Copenhagen
    • British Council artist award (Denmark)
  • 2009 –
    • Midlothian Community Hospital, Public Commission, consultants Artlink
    • Creative and Professional Development Award, Scottish Arts Council
  • 2008 –
    • Public Commission, RMJM Commissions, Glasgow
  • 2007 –
    • NVG, Artist in residence and Public Commission, Jenny Crowe commissions
    • Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Artist in residence
    • Professional Development Award, Scottish Arts Council

Guest Lecturer

  • Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow
  • Cumbria Institute of the Arts, Carlisle
  • St John University, York
  • Strathclyde University, Department of Architecture, Glasgow

Articles, Interviews and Reviews (Selected)

  • James McLardy introduce’s group show Mood is Made/Temperature is Taken, Summerhall TV, 11th August 2014
  • Anna Taylor, In conversation: Helen de Main and James McLardy, The Double Negative, 24th April 2014
  • Jack Welsh talks to James McLardy about White Teeth in the Planetarium, Corridoor8, 16th April 2013
  • Glasgow-based sculptor James McLardy tells us…, The Double Negative, 13th September 2012
  • Andrew Cattanach, The Swan and Hostage, The Skinny, issue 84, 10th September 2012
  • CAVE offers a fair deal for artists, a-n Magazine, 28th August 2012
  • Talitha Kotzé, Enjoyable exhibition questioning the inherent value and fakeness of sculpted…, The List, issue 701, 3rd August 2012
  • Phil Miller, Bewildered and beguiled, The Herald, 22nd April 2012
  • Moira Jeffrey, Glasgow International plays to the gallery, The Scotsman, 22nd April 2012
  • Andrew Graham-Dixon, Glasgow Art Lending, BBC Culture Show, 16th March 2012
  • Rosie Lesso, You, Me, Something Else, Art Monthly issue 352, Dec-Jan 11-12
  • Susan Mansfield, ‘You, Me, Something Else’ is an exhibition about sculpture at the GoMA in Glasgow, The Scotsman, 25th October 2011
  • Moira Jeffrey, You, Me, Something Else, The Scotsman, 27th September 2011
  • Rasmus Kjærboe, Can art point behind conflict? , 29th November 2010
  • Michael Jeppesen, Victims in a Waterpark, publication18, Information, November 2010